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Get cash: and if the bank says no?

What happens when the search for a loan becomes particularly difficult due to a “no” from the trusted bank ? Coping with a negative response when looking for new liquidity could be a difficult obstacle to overcome. But what are the reasons for refusal and how can it be remedied ? Here’s what you need to know before applying for a loan. Mortgages and loans The […]

5 questions to understand what the amortization plan is.

The amortization plan is undoubtedly one of the fundamental pieces to understand and evaluate the convenience of a loan or a loan. It is indeed in the amortization plan that the number of installments, the composition of the monthly amount to be paid to the bank and the timing provided for repayment of the loan are detailed. The ideas […]

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Loans to pensioners? – What is the ideal solution?

More and more pensioners are deciding to ask for a loan to realize a dream, a new project or much more simply to face an unexpected expense. But what are the best and most affordable loans for retirees and what information to take into account? Loans to pensioners: here’s what you need to know When it comes to loans for pensioners it […]

Loan rejected? Here are the reasons (and how to run for cover)!

Applying for a loan can be an excellent solution for dealing with unexpected expenses or achieving that much desired project, so as not to fund your savings and defer spending in comfortable monthly installments.But what happens when the loan is rejected and what are the main reasons ?Let’s look together at the main causes that lead to the refusal of a loan. Contract and type of […]